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The first stage (1992-2002):

The stage of basic pattern formation;

The second stage (2003-2013):

The stage of rapid expansion;

The third stage (2014-present):

The stage of high-quality development in the new era.

End of 1990

At the end of 1990, the 11th Shougang Workers’ Congress proposed the goal of “opening international trade and achieving transnational operations”, which set off a wave of Shougang’s international operations.

May 22, 1992

 Deng Xiaoping came for an inspection of Shougang, starting a new chapter of Shougang’s international operations.

July 23, 1992

 the State Council issued [1992] Document No. 40 “Report on Further Expansion of Shougang’s Autonomy Pilot Reform”, granting Shougang with investment project rights, foreign economic and trade and foreign affairs rights, and financial rights, and agreed that Shougang is to establish the “China Shougang International Trade & Engineering Corporation”.

October 1992

Shougang Holdings (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. was established in Hong Kong (it was managed by CSGI before 2014, and latewas assigned to Shougang Group and became a second-level entity directly under the Group).

At the end of 1992

Hierro Peru S.A.A was acquired.

Early 1995

Shougang Group made major adjustments in its foreign economic and trade institutions and systems, and assigned Shougang Hierro under CSGI’s management.


In 1995, Shougang Hierro was assigned under CSGI’s management, and CSGI was established a s t h e c e n t r a l i z e d m a n a g e m e n t u n i t o f Shougang Group’s international operations, the general agent of import and export business and the general contractor of Shougang’s overseas projects.


 CSGI continuously improved the specialized division of labor around the relocation and adjustment of Shougang, clarified the business orientation as “serving the overall development of Shougang”, put forward operating guidelines of “developing through service, and serving through development” and set the goal of establishing an internationally well-known international trade & engineering company with a combination of industry and trade and investment holdings, and achieving new development in internati

Since 2014

CSGI has entered a new era and changed from focusing on quantity as had done in the past, towards pursuing high-quality and healthy development. In accordance with the requirements for realizing the preservation and appreciation of state-owned capital, CSGI seek to further the development strategy, clarify the development path, and propose the grand vision of creating a professional and large-scale internationally wellknown trade & engineering company.