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Engineering&Equipment Business

Equipment introduction business

The equipment introduction business serves Shougang’s major business,importing advanced metallurgical equipment, technology and spare parts globally. Possessing with years of experience in introducing largescale complete sets of equipment and production lines for mining, smelting, processing, automation and other fields of Shougang’s major business, CSGI has developed good cooperative relationships and business contacts with international metallurgical equipment manufacturers and suppliers such as SMS, Danieli and Mitsubishi,etc.CSGI is one of the major corporations specializing in the introduction of metallurgical equipment,technology and overseas spare parts in China.

During the 14th five-year plan Qian 'an Electronic Automobile electrical steel project and Qian 'an Zhixin high performance oriented silicon steel project have commenced production smoothly. We take the responsibility of importing  large-scale mining equipment for Shougang Macheng iron ore mining project at the same time. With the high-quality development in the iron and steel sector, while importing the overseas metallurgical equipment set and technical introduction, we develop the brand channels of imported spare parts continuously. Direct contacts are established between many international metallurgical equipment suppliers and us, providing the end users with sound and consistent post sales service.

The Multi-Mode Continuous Casting & Rolling Plant                                                               UHSS Continuous                       (MCCR)Of Shougang Jingtang United Iron & Steel Co., Ltd                                       Galvanizing Line Dedicated Automotive Sheet 

Continuous Pickling Line for UHSS